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Hi Weiyi, We are excited to have you as an investor in Orange Cap Games! Now that the docs are signed the next step is to fund the investment. Funding Instructions for stablecoins: Wallet address: 0x17C8472DB0212c659E3908CF358BF5B67198e9a7 (Accept USDC and USDT only). Please note this is an ETH address, and be sure to only send stablecoins on ETH mainnet (no USDC on SOL for example). We are not responsible for issues you have sending stablecoins. If you have questions or concerns or want to send a test transaction, please contact me. Funding info for bank wire or ACH attached. Once funded please confirm if you would like to join our investor group on telegram for updates. (let me know your telegram handle if I don't already have it.) Best, Spencer TG: @downrekt Phone: 347-213-9778

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